Quakertown Food Pantry

"Our mission is to provide food to those who ask."  

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How can I help ?



You can donate food, hold a food drive in your neighborhood, at your work,

or you can volunteer at the Pantry. 

We need help shopping, stocking shelves, distributing food, helping at events, and promoting public awareness.


Please consider purchasing an extra item or two and donating to this important cause.


Suggested Items


Canned Goods:

       Vegetables, Fruits, Soups, Broths,

       Spaghetti Sauce, etc.


Canned Meats:

       Tuna, Chicken, Spam, etc.


Boxed/Bagged Foods:

       Instant Potatoes, Rice, Noodles, Pasta,

       Crackers, Cereal



       Coffee, Tea, Juice, Drink Mixes