Quakertown Food Pantry

"Our mission is to provide food to those who ask."  

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The Quakertown Food Pantry, staffed entirely by volunteers, collects and distributes groceries providing over 100,000 meals annually. More than a third of those served are children. We have been in operation for over 30 years. 

While a small portion of the food is donated through government programs, the Pantry relies heavily on the generosity of the community. Scout troops, schools, civic service organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals donate cash for purchasing food as well as donating fresh and canned foods and dry goods for distribution.


Lots of people are just one step away from catastrophe,” says Donna Berger, who is President of the Pantry. “Loss of a job, underemployment, illness or injury, expensive medications, rising fuel costs, grandparents suddenly responsible for raising grandchildren – it doesn’t take much to pitch people into an emergency since so many live paycheck to paycheck. Over the past two years, we have seen a huge increase in the individuals we serve. Without the increased generosity in the community, our shelves would be bare. The government food just doesn’t go far enough,” Donna adds.


Food is distributed to those in our community who request help.


Clients fill out the Self Declaration of Need form provided by the

Bucks County Opportunity Council. Clients are limited to 

receiving food no more than once every 7 days.


Food is gathered by volunteers for a 3 day period. A variety of food is given for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are usually able to provide 1 frozen meat product per family, based on availability. We offer 1 item per family for each of our TEFAP items. We then fill in with other donated items.